HOWL Performance Series #2

Brooklyn, NY 8pm, November 11th, the second Saturday of the month, catch eclectic contemporary artists in New York at Howl Performance Series. We think a house concert is the best opportunity for artists and audiences to access new disciplines, new points of view, and new works. Bring something to drink and something to put in the hat. Donations are graciously accepted on behalf of the performers.

The How is unbelievably excited to introduce this month’s fantastic melange of acts. Feral Foster is an impassioned folksinger and powerful songwriter who hosts a weekly Wednesday “Roots n Ruckus” at Jalopy.Claudi fronts an amazing band called Pinc Louds, where she screams and whispers her myths, fairy tales, recipes and wifi passwords. Du.0 is The How’s own Aimee Niemann and Charlotte Munn-Wood, professional noisemakers who will be bringing their violins. Polina Ionina, also with The How will deliver the ebbs and flows of her one-woman show on Henry Miller. Sean Mulvihill is an actor returning to New York after years of studying and performing abroad. He’ll be performing his clown show Velo.


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8pm Saturday November 11th, 2017


Feral Foster
Polina Ionina
Sean Mulvihill

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