Brooklyn, NY 8pm, Saturday, May 19th. at our pseudo-rooftop. RSVP for the Address!

We’re back at it again, ringing in the spring with an outdoor concert! On the bill for the night:

  • Nadia Khayrallah on her piece, “Mixed Signals”:  I’ll be dancing to the sound of someone messing with a radio dial. This is a live performance of me and my body trying to make sense of the scramble of information blasting through the airways.
  • Skye Steele has played his fiddle with artists ranging from household names like Vanessa Carlton and Willie Nelson, to jazz legends Anthony Braxton and Henry Butler. His 2017 LP All That Light, garnering notice in Rolling Stone for its “dreamy folk tinged power pop.”
  • Frankie Sunswept is a Jalopy favorite. Words are cheap. Check out his bandcamp.
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