HOWL Performance Series #1

October 7th, 2017

Brooklyn, NY 8pm, October 7th, the second Saturday of the month, catch eclectic contemporary artists in New York at Howl Performance Series. We think a house concert is the best opportunity for artists and audiences to access new disciplines, new points of view, and new works. Bring something to drink and something to put in the hat. Donations are graciously accepted on behalf of the performers.

The night features the ambient textures and noisy harmonies of violin – guitar duo Aimee Niemann and Louis Cohen. Twisting soundscapes turn to confounding landscapes in a broken down desert-sex-farce featuring Polina Ionina and Rand Faris of the performance ensemble The How. Things get ever more physical with a muscular and dynamic marriage symphony between movement artist Tina Wang and a yoga mat. The evening rounds off Trumpet/Cello Duo Nolan Tsang and Jillian Blythe.




8pm October 7th, 2017


789 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11218


Aimee Niemann,
Louis Cohen
Polina Ionina
Rand Faris
Tina Wang
Nolan Tsang
Jillian Blythe

Past Concert