Vyuga Project


Polina Ionina


Laura Bowler


Charlotte Munn-wood Aimee Niemann


Sarah Heywood-Rakhimova Akmal Rakhimova Rand Faris William Hand Alejandra Venancio Ofri Laski


Dixon Place

Past Works

About the piece: The Vyuga Project is an ongoing series of ‘studies’ of Sarah Kane’s Crave developed by Polina Ionina and produced by William Hand. This iteration features the musical direction and composition of Laura Bowler performed by two violinists, as well as appropriated texts from Wim Wenders, T.S. Elliot, Knut Hamsun, and others. By creating an associative landscape around Kane’s piece, and by diving into her original source material (Elliot), Ionina creates a context for us to reignite the flame of Kane’s work.

About the team: Joined by UK-based composer Laura J Bowler, Ionina’s ensemble is comprised of artists from various disciplines and from around the globe. The goal of this iteration has been to weave together a blend of somatic practices and musical experimentation to unite the artists across disciplines and create a language of improvisation and formal experimentation.