If you’d like to learn more about The How’s methods of playmaking, consider taking a class with us or joining us for an open session. Contact us to learn more!
The How’s mission is to create a place for audiences and artists to be challenged by a multiplicity of viewpoints, forms, and stories. We believe no one is a prophet in their own country. We believe in upending convention. We believe in creating a sense of place.


One of the most exciting things for us is when we learn that the form of theater can be used in a totally new way.  Comprised of artists from around the world, our ensemble has learned that theater can do a lot. The How is committed to presenting work that embodies our variety of styles and sources our cultures to challenge old audiences and cultivate new ones.


Conventions tell you where to look and what to see, and too often are built upon keeping everybody comfortable in their chairs.  The How has no time for orchestra pits. We are fascinated with building a process where musicians start to think like actors and actors start to think like musicians.


The How believes that work that is worth doing is work worth being revisited– by actor and audience alike. If a company is really “giving” a performance, we think the audience needs to be able to return to a piece at a later date. With that in mind, The How reprises its productions again and again.