A physical theater piece for the resistance, Vandals connects the furor surrounding Confederate Statues across America to the poetic ideals of the architect of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

A dance for how to respond to an open casket funeral. A eulogy for subjects of controversy in 2017. And an exhumed founding myth for Democracy, vandalized, to express the persisting political violence of Robert E. Lee Statues.

Created and Performed by Tanya Chattman, David Glover, Linus Ignatius, Eri Miller, Aimee Niemann, Ilker Oztop, Weronika H. Wozniak
Concept and Direction by Polina Ionina and Will Hand

Production History

Upcoming: Arete Gallery in Greenpoint, April 2018.

Work-in-Progress Production, Dixon Place. November 28th, 2017